What is MOSFET? Construction, Types of MOSFET

Working of MOSFET

Some disadvantages of field effect transistors are high drain resistance, moderate input impedance, and slow operation. To overcome these shortcomings, the MOSFET was invented, which is an advanced FET. Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistor or Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor, abbreviated as MOSFET. It is also called IGFET Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor. … Read more

Various Types of Transistors, Terminals of FET

types of transistors

The transistor is an active component that is installed throughout the electronic circuit. These are used as amplifiers and switching equipment. As amplifiers, they are used in high and low-level, frequency stages, oscillators, modulators, detectors, etc. electronic circuits that need to perform a function. In digital circuits, they are used as switches. There are actually … Read more

What is the Region Operation of Transistor and DC Load Line?

Transistor Regions Operation and DC Load Line

A DC power supply is provided for the operation of a transistor. This DC power supply is provided to the two P-N junctions of a transistor which affects the actions of the majority carriers in these emitter and collector junctions. The junction is forward-biased and reverse-biased depending on our requirements. When in the forward biased … Read more

Transistor configuration with their characteristics

Transistor Configuration

A transistor has three terminals, which are called Emitter, Base, and Collector. By using these three terminals transistors can be connected in a circuit with one terminal for both input and output in three different possible configurations. The three types of configurations are Common Emitter, Common Base, and Common Collector configurations. In each configuration, the … Read more

What is Transistor? Biasing, Operations, Advantages and Limitations of Transistors


Two PN junctions are joined together to form a new component called a transistor. A transistor is a three-terminal semiconductor device that controls the flow of current or voltage and acts as a switch or gate for a signal. Transistors are one of the major components of most electronic devices. Developed in 1947 by three … Read more

Different types of diodes with factors and uses

Types of Diode

There are different types of diodes depending on the frequency used, their function and construction, their application, etc. Depending on Junction Diodes Junction diodes are common P-N junction diodes but differ in construction. There are three types of junction diodes, Rectifier Diode These diodes are common P-N junction diodes, which allow current to flow only … Read more

Different types of transformers with their applications

Transformers are used in various fields such as power generation grid, distribution sector, transmission and electrical energy consumption.There are different types of transformers which are classified on the basis of following factors; Based on Phase According to the supply used, transformers are mainly classified as single phase and three phase transformers. A typical transformer is … Read more