What is a signal generator with its functions, types and applications

Signal Generator

The signal generator is a kind of test equipment used to generate waves (sine wave, square wave, triangular wave) or electrical standard test signals. It is also called an oscillator because it generates periodic signals. It can provide different types of waves depending on the application, these waves are mainly used in test instruments, development … Read more

Multimeter with their functions, types, and applications


Multimeters are widely used in measurement technology. The multimeter can measure various electrical quantities like resistance, AC and DC voltage, current, capacitance, etc. at one go. Voltmeter, ammeter, and millimeter are combined in a multimeter, which is also called VOM (Volt-Ohm Millimeter). Multimeters may also have different capabilities, for example, diode testing, coherence testing, transistor … Read more

Different types of Ohmmeters

Different Types of Ohmmeters

There are different types of ohmmeters with different levels. Like micro, mega, and milli ohmmeter, etc. Low resistance is measured by a micro-ohmmeter and high resistance by a mega-ohmmeter. Using an ohmmeter is easy and convenient, but the result obtained is less accurate. The instrument which is used to measure the electrical resistance of a … Read more

Different Types of Ammeters

Types of Ammeters

An instrument used to measure direct (DC) or alternating (AC) electric current is called an ammeter. Current is the flow of electrons whose SI unit is ampere. Therefore, the instrument with which the flow of current in an ampere is measured is called the ampere meter or ammeter. For an ideal ammeter, the internal resistance … Read more

Performance Characteristics of Measuring Instruments

Performance Characteristics of Measuring Instruments

Measuring instruments are devices that represent the measured quantity in the form of the widely displayed information. The characteristics of measuring instruments help to know the performance of an instrument and measure any quantity or parameter.A measuring instrument may show the measured value directly or it may show a value equal to the known measurement … Read more